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World of Tanks, an action combat-MMO, that involves the usage and destruction of tanks, has rolled in the highly anticipated update v6.6 that not only adds a lot of new goodies for the players but does quite a bit of rebalancing, making this already amazing game even more amazing.

The update adds an additional map called “Siegfried Line” that looks like it was pulled straight out of a history book illustration. It seems to be a very large open field with a village on the side for you to take cover. Looks like the perfect run and gun, turf war kind of map to me.

Players will now also get to experience the pinnacle of German engineering through the addition of seven new tanks, each built with stunning historical accuracy. Some of the new German tanks include the Pz.VI Tiger (P), and the E-100. There will also be the addition of two new premium tanks; the T-15 and T-25. I really don’t know what those letters and numbers mean but I’m sure all you tank enthusiasts out there might say otherwise.

Aside from the new goodies tank drivers will get to enjoy, several technical updates have been made to further balance the game. One example is team damage when ramming now only counts if the speed of the vehicle involved exceeds 10 km/h. Several bugs have also been patched such as the one that involves the tanks getting stuck due to a heavy incline angle on the terrain.

Overall, it’s a pretty juicy update. And it should be since it stands at 280mb. It can’t disappoint and the game is free to play so no complaining is not an option. Here's a rundown of the update in video!



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