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I've been sitting on this information all night, eager to share with you the news that Torchlight II has announced their last class.  Unfortunately Runic Games wouldn't allow me to talk about her until this morning, so I am tickled that I can finally discuss the Embermage.

The Embermage is a warrior-wizard of the highest caliber, able to weild a magical element called -- you guess it -- Ember.  Ember isn't simply fire magic, as the name implies.  Rather it is a material that harnesses all elements to create devastating effects.  

This is definitely a ranged class, but the lore seems to focus on the physical discipline of the character, so it makes me think she will be much more dynamic than some of the spellcasters we've seen in other games.  Lucky PAX attendees will get the chance to try out the Embermage for the first time on the show floor.  If you do get to play her while your there, lemme know if she melees people with that awesome braid of hers. I know I would.  In fact, I'm going to go braid my hair right now in anticipatory excitement.  I'll post the full pinup of the Embermage after the jump.



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