Yesterday Blizzard announced the winners of their 2013 Student Art Contest.  This year's submissions were long on style and short on poly count, and I could definitely see any of these models in the World of Warcraft.  I do find it interesting that they focused on WoW models this year.  Usually you see at least a couple StarCraft and Diablo creations thrown in there. Perhaps this means these games will get contest of their own this time around.  I wonder where that leaves Project Titan?

Personally, this teaches me a lot about what Blizzard appreciates in their artists.  They are looking for those that can bring their own style into the game's universe, but at the same time produce a highly detailed texture on a simple model frame.  The winners of this year's contest produced brilliant work that is only complex to the eye, not to the game engine -- and that is not easy to do.

This year's winners are: 

Hit the jump to enjoy the artwork for yourself.  I've thrown in the honorable mentions' pieces as well because there's a lot of great work in there too.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to pull out my crayons and start practicing for next year.

8M7XLKRU89AP1365807671364.jpg (1280w x 709h)
A8S4ODY6T92F1365807671403.jpg (1280w x 951h)
ArielFain-CharacterWinner.jpg (1280w x 1172h)
M1MNS3X70RHH1365807671351.jpg (1011w x 581h)
contest07-lrg.jpg (1000w x 555h)
contest05-lrg.jpg (1000w x 531h)
contest06-lrg.jpg (1000w x 797h)
contest08-lrg.jpg (1000w x 1000h)

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Very impressive work! Next time I will have to allow myself more than a week to work on my own submission - didn't finish in time <_>

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Indeed, fantastic work.

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