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Ships will sail, supply lines will be cut, and a murderous Warchief will be brought to justice -- all this and more rounds out Mists of Pandaria when Patch 5.3 lands in the World of Warcraft on May 21st.  From the very moment I learned about the culminating battle of this expansion I have been on pins and needles for its arrival.  Yes I love new worlds, but story progression in Azeroth is really what makes my heart pitter patter.  

This patch will come with some really interesting content, including four new scenarios,  a new battleground, a new arena, a world event -- and that doesn't even include the new Heroic Scenarios available or the Escalation questline.  There's all sorts of things you can do to get ready for this content, including getting yourself to ilevel 480 or above.  If you are still chugging away on the Wrathion quests (you're not the only one *shamed*) you will still need to complete everything up until patch 5.2 in order to reveal the next step in the story.  This means you won't miss out on anything, but you will probably have to mute your friends in guild chat who decide they need to "share."  Or hire a hitman -- whichever is more your style.

We have only a few short days until Escalation lands on the shores of Durotar.  Yes the Pandaren have taught us that war only leads to bad things, but that was only on Pandaria right?  Nothing bad could happen when we decide to bring war back to Kalimdor, right?  Right?


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I am so far behind in my WoW content its absurd. Not even to level 90 yet! This entire expansion has passed me by while I did silly real world things like work and code and learn. Damn you, real world!

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