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According to a rather stylish feature put up on the Wired, The Xbox One will feature dedicated servers on all of its multiplayer games. What is this liquid forming in my eyes? Tears!? Will I never have to here a lag complaint ever again? Well, here's to hoping!

As a competitive gamer, I try my best to ignore host advantages but no matter what I do, it still exists and you have to put up with it. It's honestly not the biggest deal but when you there's only win or lose, any advantage is unfair. This makes online practice not the best means of determining where you stack up with the rest of the world because there are players who are just better on LAN and those who are better online. "Online Warriors" if you will.

Of course, the ultimate question will come down to whether or not this big feature will increase the costs of Xbox Live. That's up for debate, considering they are going from 15,000 servers to 300,000 extremely powerful ones via Microsoft Azure. Are you guys happy about this move? I sure am! Does it justify the lingering rumors of cost increases? Comment below your thoughts!

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