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Good morning Geex!  Last Sunday saw the movie industry fawn over itself in order to give out awards for film's best performances.  As a gamer, I naturally thought "what game would I give an Oscar to?" 

So let's play a game.  Tell me which game you would give your Oscar to.  Any game, any year, the best of the best.  If you could hand out a little gold statuette to your favorite bit of interactive entertainment, what would it be? My answer?  World of Warcraft -- this tiny little game released back in 2004.  I don't know if you've heard of it.

What's your answer?   Best response gets a gif of a sandwich. I would send a real sandwich, but it would probably get soggy in the mail.

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Dang, that's a hard one. I want to dip back though and hit a game that truly moved me the first time I played it, Chronotrigger. 

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Good question. Though I gotta agree with Mavlock on Chrono Trigger. It was just amazing the first time around

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I love Chrono Trigger as much as the next Geek, but I don't think I would give it an Oscar. Maybe a Life Time Achievement Award with a video montage or something. My Oscar would go to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as the most polished example of my all time favorite series.

[Andreas Victorsson] @ 12:40:06 PM Mar 4, 2014
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I would give it to Blizzard as a company, Peter Molyneux as a visionary. It's so hard to limit myself to one game... I would love some independent title, maybe Dwarf Fortress?

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Giving an Oscar to a video game? Hmmm... Ugh.. lol so many to choose from.

LA Noire - for innovative technology in video game motion capture acting

Gears of War - Best story in an action shooter

Mass Effect - Visual Effects

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