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It’s sad to say that Blizzard’s 7-year-long project they ominously dubbed Titan, was officially cancelled. The statement came from a Polygon interview with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

“We set out to make [Titan] the most ambitious thing that you could possibly imagine. And it didn’t come together. We didn’t find the fun,” Mike Morhaime told Polygon.

The news is fairly depressing. Rarely does Blizzard come out with new IP but when they bring something different to light, they come out swinging. Hard. But after reminiscing of all the things I hoped Titan would be, I realized Blizzard does not need a new MMO. Not now. Perhaps not yet at least.

World of Warcraft is one of the most successful, long-standing MMOs on the market. It makes a ton of money, has a passionate fanbase, and its tales go beyond the game itself. But WoW, as good of a game as it is, really was something that happened at the right place and at the right time. The game holds some dedicated players players; some have dedicated more time inside the game than doing tasks in real life. It’s crushingly hard to let go of a game that's been a part of you for a long time.

Blizzard right now, who claim they have content planned for the next couple of years, don’t need to be in a position to start a new game; a new MMO to be more specific. They have already proven that competition is virtually non-existent in the MMO market space and if Blizzard came out with a new MMO, they'd be their own competition. You can talk about WoW's declining subscription numbers but really, tell me when they last added on to The Siege of Ogrimmar. There’s a legitimate reason for declining subscribers and soon, the world will be gifted Warlords of Draenor—an expansion with hot pre-order numbers and what not.

Don’t take me for a suck-up to Blizzard. I barely play WoW and I desperately hoped Titan would have been something that came to be; I just wanted an excuse to play a Blizzard MMO that wasn’t World of Warcraft. But I’ve had my fair share of sequel pains. Everquest being split into Everquest 2 was not the best move, merely in my eyes, as I devoted a good amount of time to EQ1. Then there’s Final Fantasy XI and the fully-revamped Final Fantasy XIV. The amount of hours I poured into FFXI was difficult to let go, yet FFXIV wasn’t even a direct sequel--it’s a new game. I know how transitions feel. Sometimes it's not fun. Eventually the nostalgia eats you and you begin to judge the new game for all the wrong reasons; merely an excuse to return to the old.

I believe MMORPGs represent a life outside our own. When we choose where we reside, be it Azeroth or Eorzea or what have you, a spark hits us; a spark that keeps us playing and devoting passionate hours into the game. We begin to embody the characters we create and ultimately become. Ever seen a group of Role-Players? Absolute devotion.

So yea, big deal, I’m saddened by the lack of Project Titan. But Blizzard is smart for cancelling it for now. I feel the assets that were poured onto Titan will be used for some other projects, but perhaps seeing Wildstar, the very game the populace felt would challenge WoW, fail to some extent may have put a little scare onto Blizzard. Going back and catering to their current fanbase is much smarter and honestly, a bit more passionate.

So what do you guys think? Especially those among the community that plays World of Warcraft. Will WoW come to an end and have a sequel? Or will the story keep going. Comment below your thoughts!

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[Mandifesto] @ 1:37:21 AM Nov 11, 2014
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Evidently, yes, they do :)

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