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Most days you will find me hip deep in Hearthstone, pushing my way up through the ranks.  I haven't been playing since the beta launched, I'm sad to admit, because I really didn't understand how a card game could be fun, but I'm playing it now.  The trouble is, Legend seems so very far away, and no matter how much I work at it, it seems like my progress is less cheetah and more snail.  

It appears though that I am not as bad at the game as I thought.  Blizzard has released some statistics to give the non-Legend players an idea of exactly how awesome they really are at the game -- and how really unattainable that Legend card back really is.  

So looking at the above infographic, we learn that 3/4 of the ranked Heartstone players are between Rank 25 and Rank 15.  By contrast, the Legend players make up only .5% of the player base.  Yes we hear more about them, and yes they are the players that are affecting the card balance issues for the Ranked players, but they are still a small minority of players.  

Personally I sit in the middle of that 17.5% between 15 and 10.  My current goal is to finish out my Golden Hero, and then see if I can push up to Rank 10.  But that's going to take more stomach thank I have right now.  Plus come Monday my deck will become useless, so it's going to take a while until I figure out how to bounce back to my current Rank 12. 

Still, seen in perspective, we're all doing alright.  The middle of the season is always stressful, as you do your best to climb your ranks and try to avoid those Legend players that are playing their secondary accounts now that their first has achieved their golden gems.  As long as we realize that it is going to be nigh impossible to get to that 0.5%, and that it's perfectly fine not to be at the top.  Because, you know, gamers are never competitive.  Riiiight.

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