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Environment artist Andrew Kohar has a dirty little secret he's finally ready to share: He's a WoW player.  He confessed this most heinous of sins to the folks over at PC Gamer, and even shared the results of his obsession: A set of graphic posters based on some of the most iconic boss battles in original World of Warcraft.  I was so impressed by the impact of these posters and the emotions they evoke that I thought it would be worth sharing with you all.  A little blast from the past if you will.

While the artwork itself is fascinating, the interview about Kuhar's process is also worth a read.  I am constantly fascinated whenever I encounter that subsection of culture where gaming meets art.  It's a reminder that fine art is all about how people interact with the world around them, and in our modern society a growing number of artists are expressing their connection with gaming through their work.  The closest thing I come to that is writing up an editorial now and then.  Head on over to PC Gamer to read the interview in full and download copies of the posters to hang in your gaming boudoir.  


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