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Gaming titan, Blizzard, who holds such a high-level of status in the PC gaming world has in a way, revealed, that their upcoming title, Diablo III, will in fact release on console. The news comes from their Blizzard Community Manager, Micah Whiple’s Twitter feed.

@Bashiok can you confirm or deny Diablo 3 coming to consoles? Thanks.

@TaNGoIX Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.

I would have never expected Blizzard to announce something rather big in this particular fashion, but they have been thinking about the idea for sometime, so it was never really a secret. I find it to be a great move as not everyone wants to play the game on PC, much like myself and my toaster of a computer, so it would help Blizzard attract a different part of the gaming audience.

The way Diablo III plays out, I think it would feel good with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. And games like Torchlight have proved that multi-tasking different skill-sets and spells on a controller is possible. I’ve even done it on FFXI, so why not Diablo III? No release dates have been confirmed but regardless of this news, it’s likely the game will launch on PC first with the console version coming in later.

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As much as I love the Diablo series, I dont think I would enjoy playing it on console as much as I enjoy good ol PC point-and-click-click-click-click action.

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Yeah from what I hear everything is more enjoyable on the PC

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Diablo to me is better with a controller. Can use a controller on a PC though.

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Yeah you can just plug in the 360 one.

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Depends on the game entirely. Diablo was designed for the PC not console. But after reading all the forums, there are surprisingly a lot of people dodging the game on the PC o.o;. Which was not what I expected from Diablo. Perhaps it's because of the growing market of available MMOs that cater to hardcore and casual a like. Just got to find your niche'.

Also, I've tried a number of software that work with gamepads, or in particular, the 360 one. The feel is just... no. I would prefer keyboard and mouse, and I never usually do lol.

[Penguin Prince] @ 7:47:32 PM Jan 12, 2012
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I am super excited for Diablo III, but I've grown a little distant from console games. With services like Steam around not only are the PC games cheaper, but you are starting to find sizeable communities more easily available to reach out to. Long gone are the days when Xbox Live dominated the gamer communities.

There is something to be said about the reliability of consoles however with always having appropriate system configurations to make the gaming experience as enjoyable as it can be. Plus you don't have to worry about bogging down the hard drive with a load of games. But this too is a give and take as you have to store all those CD's as well as pay premium prices long after the prices have gone down online.

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^ definitely some great points. ALso, good name btw \(^^)/

I don't think Xbox Live ever dominated the gaming community. Nothing does really, that's why it's a community. Xbox Live is just one of the dominant ones, much like PC is. I kind of don't want to count PC as a "whole" community simply because not everyone plays everything on PC. I like to say "The WoW Community" or the "TERA community" or w/e floats your boat in gaming now.

However, despite what I said, I dislike it when we as gamers who appreciate the same concept, which is gaming as a whole, isolate ourselves from each other because of a very viable preference of one thing over another.

Point being is, you do whatever makes you happy :D No right or wrong path in gaming.

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