Today, numerous websites have blacked themselves out in protest against the SOPA and PIPA bills, legislation that essentially strives to heavily censor the internet in a vain attempt to cutdown on international piracy. Of course, one of the biggest supporters of the bill, gaming's very own Entertainment Software Association, is intent on trying to get the bills to pass, despite all of the negative aspects that they would entail.

Because of this, several gaming outlets have decided to take a stand in their own way. Gaming websites such as ScrewAttack and MMOBomb, along with game studios like Red 5, have all decided to oppose the ESA's stance on the bill the best way they know how; by refusing to take part in this year's E3 event, which the ESA itself runs.

They are encouraging other gaming news outlets and developers to make the same decision. The intention is that by pulling support from the biggest gaming convention in the western hemisphere, the ESA can get it through their collective heads that the SOPA and PIPA bills are nothing but bad news all around. The more people that draw their support from the ESA, the sooner they will come to realize that their stance needs to change.

To further drive the point home, these people have also put up an online petition, which you can find here, demanding that the ESA change their stance on the legislation. They are already at over 12,000 signatures, with the hopeful goal being set at 100,000. They've even put together a quick youtube video, which you can view below, and are encouraging people that are against the bill to spread it to as many places as they can. 



Whatever method you decide to roll with, make sure you  get your voice heard. SOPA and PIPA will only cause nothing but excessive censorship, with nothing to gain from it all. The sooner groups like the ESA understand this, the sooner we can kill those pieces of legislation.





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If a certain someone grew their hair out all freaky-like... They'd look a lot like James Portnow, aye?

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Thanks to SOPA I could not get the required information for my project since I use Wikipedia! So thanks SOPA now I will fail! :P

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You're not aloud to fail... :P

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