Sega of Japan has just released a video announcing their upcoming online hack-and-slash, Phantasy Star Online 2, will be making it's way to the Playstation Vita *head explodes*. Now my life will be over both at home AND on-the-go!

Little information has been released on the details of the Vita version. But what we do know is the game will be online only and be released in 2013, compared to the PC version which is scheduled for later this year. The most bizarre news we received is that the Vita version will have cross-platforming with its PC counterpart. So you can log-out of the PC and rejoin your friends in epic combat on the bus or train. Please, no playing and driving though.

I'm so excited but that means I have to find the cash to buy a Vita now. I remember buying a Gamecube just to play PSO on it, so what's new? PSO2 is scheduled for global launch on PC sometime in 2012 (hopefully...). No plans have been made to release the game on other consoles at this time but news on the Vita gives me hope.



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I tried to get into PSO, I really did. But the game was a little too "grindy" for my taste. I suppose thats for the best, though - its not like Ive got time to squeeze another game into my rotation! hehe

[Mandifesto] @ 2:18:33 AM Mar 12, 2012
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Doh, I totally forgot to learn Japanese this week.

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