From Airtight Games and the co-creator of Portal 1, Kim Swift, comes an epic new puzzle game the world might not be ready for. Quantum Conundrum, a dimension shifting puzzle game, gives players the power to change dimensions on the fly! Making something still, heavy, and my personal favorite, fluffy is as easy as pushing a button. Literally!

The trailer given felt like an advertisement for a new Aperture product. My eyes were everywhere but the trailer gets the point across. Making furniture fly, freezing it in place, and using them as platforms seems really fun. There’s not much to explain, just watch the blasted trailer!

Quantum Conundrum launches on Steam for the PC on June 21st with a standard edition and a season pass. Season pass holders will get access to all future puzzle DLC, the soundtrack, and Team Fortress 2 items ( Hats, right?). A version of the game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are said to come in the summer. Check out the video below!

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