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Once upon a time there was an email, sent innocuously by the iam8bit people, hinting about participation in something zany that involved Kim Swift and her latest project, Quantum Conunumdrum.  I responded to said email, and ended up on an adventure that I am not likely to forget for a long time.  

A few months ago, I got accepted to work on this super secret project with Square Enix and iam8bit. We knew next to nothing about what was happening,  When Art and I showed up at the tiny film studio in downtown Los Angeles I thought that we were going to playtest the game.  We got there I realized that this was more than just a playtest, since we were signing wavers for filming and having the wardrobe people stop by to see if our outfits were appropriate for on camera.  You see, Art and I ended up as extras on a game show they were filming:  The Super Dimensional Quantum Learning's Problems and Solutions Gametime Spectacular!! 

It took all day for them to get us, the audience, into the studio, and by the time they were ready, we were excited but pretty worn out from sitting around in the sun.  Inside though it was hot, miserable, and yet somehow extremely enjoyable.  I had forgotten how much hard work goes into acting.  Enjoy episode one after the break.  While it's not my first time on camera, it is my most awkward, considering we were in that hot little studio for 3 hours, with me sporting my belly bump. Don't judge me for my bad acting.  It's not like I knew what I was in for.



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Filming this was incredibly surreal for me. I'm not the most "outgoing" guy, so to suddenly be told Im going to have be exuberant on queue was a bit of a culture shock for me. Still, we can now officially say that GameGeex was involved in the same production as Kevin Pereira!

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Hmm I think there were some parts in the video where the light was shining everywhere except for where Art sat lol.

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