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Marvel and Ubisoft are developing Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth for the Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii U. It is a first person shooter/action adventure motion game. I feel like I'm going to be disappointed because of the fact that it's another Kinect monstrosity. You will be able to play as Iron Man and use his pulse blasters, or demolish everything in your path as the Hulk. The game features 20 different characters to choose from including the Avengers along with your favorite Marvel villains. I personally love Deadpool and Doctor Victor Von Doom, so they better be in the game.

I was showing great anticipation for this game because it looks like a bucket of fun; but discovering that it's a motion game, I am now in the phase of not caring until I test it. I stopped trusting motion games after wasting my money on the rugged childish game called Kinect Star Wars.

Mavel Avengers: Battle for Earth will be releasing sometime towards the end of 2012.


Reveal Trailer via VG2012trailers

Gameplay Trailer via Ubisoft

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