They say Mondays are boring so let's brighten up the mood shall we? It's time for some Monday Amusement and let's stick to cliche's and just do an "Akward Video Game Moments" thing! Guess some of these can pass as funny, but hey, that depends entirely on your taste in comedy.

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In no particular order:

Final Fantasy X - This game was good but sometimes, it just got a bit cheesy. Not sure if this one warrants a facepalm or a laugh. But Tidus' laugh... I don't even.

Metal gear Solid - Ocelot's famous one-liner... Not sure if intentional or... Yea, well.. actually just yeah... Yea....

Mass Effect 2 - When Mordin sings. Not sure if this is awkward but I didn't expect this during my play-through.

Fallout 3: Naugty Night Wear. Gosh, if you want it so bad....

Final Fantasy X-2: When you thought Final Fantasy X had a slot on this list, part 2 also gets one. No words can describe the creepiness of a back massage mini game but hey it is what it is.

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