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When I say to you Shank 2, what comes to mind?  Well, subtlety, obviously, and cunning, and more than a little stealth.  If Klei Entertainment's last title leaves you with somewhat different feelings altogether, don't worry.  That's why they've announced Mark of the Ninja.

The story here really isn't the game itself, which I am sure is fascinating.  No, the announcement is what caught my eye. Because you see, boys and girls, Klei decided to announce their game through an old fashioned point and click adventure.  Navigating to brings you not to some flashy game storyboard site, but rather to an unassuming block of text, and as you make choices based on what you read, your score mounts at the top.  I am not ashamed to say I thought this was the game at first.  And I'm even less ashamed to say that I would totally play a text based ninja game.

Having been a huge fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Klei team definitely racked up some extra nostalgia points for me.  While the footage that they show of the actual gameplay is brief, you do get that this is a sidescrolling version of a game similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum, only with more blood.

Mark of the Ninja is due out sometime this Summer.  


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