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“I’m hungry.” It’s something you’ll read often. From the makers of, Mark of the Ninja and Shank, comes Don’t Starve. This sandbox style game throws on the trappings of classic adventure with it’s interface and art style. An art style that for me evokes the poems of Edgar Allen Poe or Tim Burton, this is a bonus. The premise is simple and it’s all in the title. From the safety of your own house the idea of starving is not really something that troubles most of us. For the character you play being stranded in an unknown dimension this is a very real threat.

Not only do you need to forage for food but you must also track down supplies to build equipment to, well gather more food. These can range from your standards such as traps, spears or even farm plots. On top of these you’ll use tools like an axe or pickaxe to gather supplies. Above all else though you’ll use SCIENCE! With the aid of your Science Machine you can prototype new items to build to help you in your quest not to starve. 

Sure that all sounds fine and dandy but I forgot to mention that there is a night cycle and if you don’t have a fire going, you’re dead. With all this you must also watch your madness. Too much time in the dark will drop your meter, eating tasty morsels you pulled off the haunches of a poor dead bunny will do it too. Things such as sleep, a proper diet and dapper clothing will see you through. Keep in mind you will die and you will die a lot. As you tally up the days you gain experience towards unlocking new characters to keep from Starving in this foreign world.

Don’t Starve is still in beta, but you can pre-purchase it on Steam at 20% off. When you do that now it will give you access to the beta and an extra copy to drive your friends mad with. You can also pick it up in the Chrome Store if that is your thing. Don’t Starve releases late March and the next beta update is in 5 days.




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This actually looks fairly awesome, I cant wait to try it out!

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It is my friend, it truly is. I swear Notch and Schafer gathered into some dark covenant to create this. Well of course they had nothing to do with it. 

I've survived 10 days feeling pretty awesome till some hounds showed up and showed my the business end of their muzzle. Talk about knocking you down a peg but at least I now have a new character to try out and she is delightfully twisted.

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