Who doesn’t like a good origin story. It seems the intrepid explorers and purveyors of science have unearthed the secret origin of Wilson. This paragon of science and starring character of Don’t Starve has at last had his dark secrets uprooted and revealed. It only took 58 pages of forum discussion to shed light on this mystery and now we have access to a previously unpublished origin video. Take a look after the jump.



Looks like Wilson had some dark dealings with the mysterious man in black, what a dapper fellow he is. That machine looks oddly like a certain machine you can build in game to transport you to a new world as well. How fantastic this all is to see. Now we also know there is no way to mess up Wilson’s hair, it’ll always go back.

The quality of this cinematic and the game itself shows Klei just won’t stop. They’ve created a style that is a character all in itself and the actually characters are just bonus on top. Don’t Starve launches at the end of the month and can currently be picked up via the Chrome Store for PC/Mac or Steam for the PC with a Mac release on the way. What I didn’t know is you can pick it up from their Humble Store Widget, this gives you the Chrome and Steam version. When you purchase you’ll receive two copies as well. I highly recommend checking it out, you know for science.

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