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GameGeex - D&D 5.0 announced, rolls Feedback check The latest ruleset in the ancient Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing System is in the works, but WoTC wants your opinion on how to make it a natural 20.

If you had to let people know about the newest incarnation of your favorite tabletop pen & paper RPG was on the way, where would you announce it? A website forum? The local hobby shop?

How about the New York Times.

That's right, Wizards of the Coast decided today to let the world officially know that Dungeons & Dragons version 5.0 is in the works via a post in the Video Games section of The New York Times. Not only that, they went the step beyond to announce that they want Players and Dungeon Masters alike to have their say in how the newest ruleset revision plays out. By hosting open playtesting sessions through out the coming year, they will compile what feedback they get and take it into consideration and the compile the new set of published core rulebooks.

The most recent incarnation of the game, D&D 4.0, had a lot of rule streamlining that may have oversimplified the system a bit too much, and its introduction of cards to represent all the player skills and abilities caused comparisons to trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and the combat systems of MMOs like World of Warcraft. Prior to that, D&D 3.0 and 3.5 aimed to unify most roles to the 20 sided die, putting an end to the loved-or-hated THAC0 system (To Hit Armor Class 0) that was at the core of original D&D through to D&D 2nd Edition.

As a long time player and advocate of D&D (I wrote my senior thesis on its supposed link to Satanism) I am delighted to hear that WoTC is taking feedback from the players. I've been playing D&D since Advanced D&D, though the friends I learned to play with preferred to use a "house rules" mix of Advanced and 2nd Edition rules.

Have thoughts on what you want to see in the upcoming D&D 5? Any awesome moments you wish to share from your gaming days? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

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[Mandifesto] @ 6:12:30 PM Jan 9, 2012
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Yes I agree, the perfect way to announce your modernization of your product is to run a story in an outdated medium

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I have many loved moments in D&D. 

If I were to choose a moment I guess I would pick the time I mix Star Wars with D20 D&D and one of our players tried to use the force for the first time in game. In that moment he failed but he struck the best vogue pose ever in game. Oh wait that was Art. :)


Did I mention he was teamed up with a pair of crazy kender/ewok hybrids and a rules Lawyer Twi'lek?

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You mean i'm not the only jedi class in D&D? :o

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Jeff Grub, gaming guru and one of the writers of many of the D&D manuals and modules, took the time to point out in his personal blog that there has always been inter-rules strife throughout the history of D&D

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Personally I think they should just strike any future versions of the game and go back to 3.5... it made the game more open and flexible; 4.0 looks like a bad attempt at turning an XBox game into a PPD construct. To be blunt, I think 4.0 is an abomination.

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@Egon To your point, I've heard quite a lot of talk about Pathfinder ( ) which is in essence D&D 3.5++ though I haven't actually had the time to look into it myself. Still, I think with enough forethought they could definitely clean up the system for 5.0, we just have to wait and see.

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 Arturis, I will suspend judgement, but based on 4.0 I am not at all optimistic... IMHO, 4.0 has nothing to clean up so much as just plain throw out.

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