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Visceral Games, maker of Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno, is hiring game designers with experience in the MOBA/Action-RTS genre. It’d be a safe bet to say they want to make one and compete with current MOBA-titans, Riot Games and Blizzard especially since EA has a play4free division.

In-general, MOBA games like to take all the characters a company is in-charge of and put them into one arena, or at least Blizzard does in Blizzard All-Stars since Riot Games only caters to the world of League of Legends. A direct Dead Space MOBA or something a like wouldn’t make complete sense to me but if it had characters from various games of their creation, I wouldn’t mind James Bond being put against Dante in the middle lane. I’d somewhat enjoy that!

Unfortunately, nothing is totally confirmed at this time but since they actually ARE hiring people with said experience, it’s a safe bet to say they’re thinking about it. Do you think it’s possible to actually compete with Riot and Blizzard at this time? Or are they crazy?

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Lets not forget the Middle Earth MOBA as well - you cant throw a stick without hitting a MOBA nowadays.

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