I have often said that my two favorite things are Disney and World of Warcraft.  I even got engaged during BlizzCon weekend at Disneyland.  You get the picture.  So you can understand why I am jazzed that Slightly Impressive has combined my two favorite things into a clever little machinima project.

Hijinks ensue when iconic Disney moments take place on Azeroth.  Eric runs from a naga version of Ariel, Jasmine can't get on the carpet because it's a solo mount, and Bambi changes form and kitteh's up the Hunter that shot his mother.  I only wish some more forethought had gone into this video because it could have been great.  Great it is not, but it's definitely fun, so hit the jump to watch it for yourself, then leave us a comment about which Disney moment  you would have put into the video.


[via Kotaku, source Youtube]

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This is so lame! lol

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