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You know that feeling when you guess what the next World of Warcraft expansion is going to be and you're completely off base?  That's a little how I felt watching this machinima by the talented folks over at Slightly Impressive.  I think my favorite part is the reputation grind featuring quests completed in Hearthstone.  "But I don't want to play those classes!" Nailed it.

Hit the jump to watch the video.  It should make you feel much better about whatever MMO experience you've had recently.  Unless your MMO of choice also has only three quests.  Then, I have to apologize for the hurt I am no doubt about to inflict upon your soul.  But cheer up, Warlords of Draenor is coming, and it doesn't have a mandatory Dance Studio rep grind -- at least I hope it doesn't. 


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lol buyable achievements xD Pretty good video

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I'm feeling you on the Hearth Stone reference.



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Oh boy, more water levels, sigh me up!!

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Quality work, love it! I especially enjoyed the new raid difficulties and the 1/2 of a new battleground, "remember guys stay on the west side of the map..." So much of this is true even if it is stretched a little.

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I thought this was very cute - the kind of humor I would use on /Silly ^_^

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