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If you don't know him, allow me to introduce Landon Ricketts. His old, gruff voice makes murderous outlaws crap their britches. He can find a needle in a haystack with a bullet from a mile away. And his mullet alone can drop a man 50 yards out. But his greatest asset?

Feast thine eyes! FEEEAAAASSSST!

And with Red Dead Redemption's newest and freest multiplayer DLC, Myths and Mavericks, you can pretend you're this god among men. Other characters will be available as well, but they're just, ya know, men.

The DLC also comes with new multiplayer locales to tool around in. Get yer 'stache on come September for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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I kinda wanna try it now since I get to play as a God among men, lol.

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