Kerrigan is bad ass. It's undisputable. Sarah Kerrigan is the thing hiding in Chuck Norris's closet that makes him clutch his beard close for comfort. If you were to look up the definition of "bad ass" in the dictionary, it would immediately roundhouse kick you in the teeth and hold a picture of Kerrigan in front of your face as you slowly fade out of consciousness. 

So it is with great joy and a slight bit of trepidation that we share with you Blizzard Entertainment's latest CG masterpiece, the opening cinematic trailer for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. If you haven't played through the first game and you don't want any of the story even remotely spoiled, you may want to refrain from viewing the video after the jump.

But that would make you a wuss, and Kerrigan would hunt you down. Bad Asses abhor wussiness. It's one of Newton's laws, look it up. (Don't look it up)



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Swarm my heart and fill it with an easter egg? That ship is so fresh.

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