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I remember when StarCraft hit store shelves - I was actually working in retail at the time, at a Media Play in Wappingers Falls, NY. As I stocked and straightened those countless boxes on the shelves, I could barely control my enthusiasm to finally play what could only be described as "WarCraft in space". Unfortunately, I had to wait for payday the following Friday before I could afford to buy a copy for myself. Those four days from Tuesday to Friday felt like they lingered forever, but then when payday did finally came around, I was faced with a conundrum I hadn't thought to anticipate: Which of the three distinctive box art covers would I purchase the game in? Did I want the industrious Terran, the feral Zerg or the enigmatic Protoss staring down at me from the place of honor of my bookshelf while I delved into the single player campaign?

Blizzard knows that was a difficult choice for us all. So in celebration of the 15 year anniversary of the StarCraft franchise, they are giving us all three box art portraits as in-game avatar pictures! All you have to do is sign into StarCraft II prior to 11:59PM PST of April 17th  (with or without the Heart of the Swarm expansion) and play a single online match to earn the 15 year Feat of Strength achievement. Valid game types include Arcade, Custom, Ranked, Training, Unranked, or Versus A.I., so you have plenty of options on how to obtain your own set of classic Terran, Zerg, and Protoss portraits.

Now comes the difficult part: Which one to use first?

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I was no longer working retail when this beauty came out but I do recall all the assets coming out for it. Hell it was only a year prior they had done a huge retail push to Warcraft II again. I got to work that through a program with Sierra Online and a temp company I was working for on my off time. We got to see some promo material for Starcraft then as well. How bad I wanted this game then. I've still not played the second one yet. I don't know I can allow myself to get sucked in. :)

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