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I've never really yearned to be in Boston, that is until today, when Blizzard up and announced a brand new sleeper title during this week's PAX East convention.  Dubbed Hearthstone:Heroes of Warcraft, this game is a CCG built within the Warcraft universe.  Amongst its interesting list of features is the fact that this is Blizzard's first free-to-play title.

This announcement completely blindsided me, even though we were told to expect big things at PAX East this year.  I guess I just didn't believe hard enough (maybe I need to replenish my magical believing dust supply), but I was delighted to watch the presentation of a new Blizzard game given by Rob Pardo.  It wasn't the Blizzard announcement I've been waiting for, and so much like the entire concept of Hearthstone, this is a small little surprise for the Blizzard fans out there.

Below I've included all the artwork, screenshots, and videos they posted to date.  Interestingly, we have a background video that tells us how they decided on the new development team, their "agile" design style, and what we can expect from Hearthstone. From a game design perspective the entire concept is fascinating. The game is playable on the PAX East floor, so if you're there, do drop us a comment below and tell us how it is?




artwork2-full.jpg (557w x 720h)
artwork3-full.jpg (801w x 720h)
artwork1-full.jpg (930w x 720h)
artwork6-full.jpg (436w x 720h)
artwork4-full.jpg (507w x 720h)
artwork5-full.jpg (635w x 720h)
artwork7-full.jpg (507w x 720h)
ss1-full.jpg (980w x 590h)
hearthstone_wallpaper1280x1024.jpg (1280w x 1024h)
ss2-full.jpg (980w x 707h)
ss3-full.jpg (980w x 707h)
ss4-full.jpg (980w x 707h)
ss5-full.jpg (980w x 590h)
ss6-full.jpg (980w x 707h)

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I will play this game into the ground. INTO THE GROUND.

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