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With little detail about the game and only a reveal combat trailer that stars the usual character names of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy as every class but the Force (or mage) class, many avid PSO fans were beginning to speculate the class would not exist, but simply be integrated into Hunter or Ranger classes.

However, Sega of Japan has just recently sent out new screenshots to anyone subscribed to their newsletter, which confirms the existence of the beloved TECHNICs users, making many Guardians across the globe very happy. The screens shown include a FOmar beating an enemy down with his staff and the striking image of a FOnewearl casting a spell. As for details about the games release or even the Alpha and Beta testing, SEGA unfortunately likes to keep us guessing. However, these screenshots prove that they are going down the “classic” path of PSO, which is what a great majority of fans wanted to see.

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Uh... Sonic and Tails? Really Sega? Really? 

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