A few days ago we brought you first-hand information about Behaviour Interactive’s announcement of Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade and the details left you clamoring for more. Hot on the heels of the game’s announcement, Game Geex got to talk Eternal Crusade with Behaviour's Online Studio Head Miguel Caron as he shared his vision of a grim future. With E3 excitement winding down, Eternal Crusade's Creative Director David Ghozland contacted us to clarify some of the more dramatic points.

You’ve been asking so we’re here to answer! Check after the jump for Eternal Crusade satisfaction on features like PvE content, premium incentives, and game balance.

You asked: "Free-to-play, but only Ork Boyz?! How much do you expect me to pay to get blood for the Blood God?!"

David: Eternal Crusade is a premium game; if you buy the box, you’ll have access to everything. If you don’t want to buy, we’re considering offering one of the races as a free-to-play option. Our current plan is to release the Orks as a free-to-play race, but we’re still working out exactly how they will work. We’ll also be watching the rapidly evolving industry and listening carefully to our fans to make sure that we’re choosing the right price model for them as the game gets closer to launch.

Game Geex: So we're looking at a Guild Wars-type pay model with no monthly fee?

David: Correct, at this point.

You asked: "No thought to game balance?! I care about balance!"

David: Of course, being avid game players ourselves, we care very deeply about ensuring that our races achieve an exciting asymmetric balance right from the first day. Each race should feel like they can compete evenly with each of the others, through tactics, strategy, and skillful play. On the individual level, some classes may gain an advantage in certain situations, but each class should feel like it has an even chance on the battlefield. On the army-level, we want to be faithful to the feeling of Warhammer 40,000, of Space Marines as powerful and outnumbered, of Eldar as an army of specialists, of Orks as a ravening horde.

You asked: "My only choice besides exhausting battle is to be a flower-picker? Where's the content?"

David: We have PvE content, but even this contributes to the war effort. Just as the economy drives gameplay in Eve Online, we’re working hard to establish a WAR economy that drives gameplay and fits with the universe of Warhammer 40,000, and the guiding words “there is only war!” With this in mind, we won’t have any players who are technically dedicated as miners or crafters. Instead, players can explore threatening PvE content, pushing back the Tyranid threat and securing critical economic resources for their faction.

Game Geex: Do we have any world PvE events to look forward to in this conflict as we gear for war?

David: Currently our PvE is focused on small groups of friends. We don't have anything to announce at this time about massive PvE events.

Game Geex: Even without "dedicated" miners and crafters there will still be a profession and crafting system, correct? Will the crafting system fit into the construction of fortresses and processing for resources?

David: The crafting and upgrade system we will have will fit with the 40k universe. We will not have Space-marines mining or banging away an anvil.

Does this not sate your burning thirst for Eternal Crusade knowledge? Game Geex will keep in touch with the incredible team at Behaviour Interactive to keep you updated as much as possible throughout development. Oh, the sacrifices we make...

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