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The patches Square Enix comes out with for Final Fantasy XIV are massive, but Patch 2.4 dubbed The Dreams of Ice is something to behold for both veterans of the game and for those who have taken a break. We're talking a new playable class, the conclusion to a raid scenario, new story, and Shiva... Friggin' Shiva! (She snaps her fingers during Diamond Dust too!)

The trailer gives us a taste of every new thing coming to FFXIV in 2.4. While the base knowledge of Ninja, Shiva, and the conclusion of the Binding Coil of Bahamut is common knowledge of players of the game, the video gives us a taste of all the juicy things to be excited for. Bahamut-themed Coil gear (wings, please), a glimpse of the Sith Lord Ninja Nexus weapon (5:25), and Fenrir are all there to whet your palate. I'm kind of dissappointed the mighty Fenrir has been reduced to dungeon-boss status but FFXIV is all about subtle nods to the FF franchise as a whole so I can't complain

I know Square Enix is gearing up for the FFXIV expansion, and all the good 'grand finale' patches are coming up. Now might be the time to start playing again. For the patch 2.4 trailer, click the jump for the trailer!

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Ive been waiting for FF14 to have a modern world setting, and it looks like Dreams Office will be exa- wait, what? Its three words? Ice? Dammit. No conference room boss fights, then?

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