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According to a headline by The Deadline, it would appear co-founder of Irrational Games, Ken levine, will be creating the screenplay for the remake of "Logan's Run". If you know the story of the book as well as 1976 movie rendition of it, you'd know that there's no one more fit for the job then Mr.Levine here, considering the premise of Bioshock.

Basically, "Logan's Run" is about a perfect, domed utopia with a rather dark system of managing population control. In the original movie (1976), people who lived in this perfect society were gathered up and killed as soon as they turned 30 (21 in the book). Those who chose to escape this fate were called "runners" and they were hunted down by "Sandmen." Logan is one of these sandmen who begins to disagree with the system as the age of 30 gets closer and closer.

I know, Bioshock isn't exactly the same, but I think Ken Levine has quite the knowledge of Utopias depicted on-screen. The other interesting thing is the creative director has a history of being a screenwriter in Hollywood, at least before ultimately seeing his work, an original pitch for a vampire movie, "suck" when trasnformed from horror to comedy.

Does anyone have thoughts on  the decision to put Ken Levine at the helm of this project? Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to see any Big Daddys but I will say Bioshock has amazing writing so I have hope for this remake. Comment below your thoughts!

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