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Harmonix has been silent of late, but that doesn't mean that they aren't working away behind closed doors.  Just today they announced that they have revamped their website, which isn't news really. But what could be big news is the fact that Harmonix could be making a dance combat title a la Space Channel 5

Alright, I'll let that sink in for you a moment.  Just enjoy the splendor of that idea:  Dance battle. Harmonix. Yummy.  

Okay, now here's the actual information:  Kotaku posted a really interesting article about secret projects today, featuring things like a possible Plants vs. Zombies toy game system like Skylanders Swap Force (which will be amazing, by the way, because we all need more PvZ in our lives), and they started that article talking about Harmonix. Supposedly Harmonix has done some ninja snagging of domain names surrounding the term "Chroma," and even applied for trademark on "Chroma" back in 2012.  So something "Chroma"-ish this way comes.  But here's the really interesting part:  A job posting back in 2012 revealed that Harmonix was seeking people to design a real-time mobile combat game.  

Now this is Harmonix we're talking about here, so if there is a combat game coming, it makes sense that the product would be musical in nature.  And here's where I made the mental connection to Space Channel 5.  Combat + Dancing?  It seems obvious, and hilariously fun.  I really hope Chroma turns out to be this phantom mobile game, because I would SO play that. And moreover, it's this sort of gaming innovation is what put Harmonix on the map.  It's high time that they step out from under their shroud of secrecy and take this E3 by storm.  

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