For years your friends have been telling you how awesome rhythm games are, but you have no sense of rhythm.  You're the guy who stands at the back of the room at a concert and sways off beat.  Still, you'd love music and you wish there was a way you could play these games without having to learn the instruments.  

Enter Rock Band Blitz, a downloadable title that lets you play a sort of rhythm racing game within songs you love, but using a controller.  Today Harmonix announced the release dates for this unusual little game -- PSN users will get the game on August 28th for $14.99, and XBLA players will get it a day later for 1200 Microsoft points.  

What is unusual about Blitz, other than the controller scheme, is the fact that while it comes with 20 new songs, it will also be compatible with a huge chunk of the previous Rock Band catalog.  In addition the tracks that come with Blitz can all be imported into your previous Rock Band games so you can play them with your music peripherals as well.  I was a little skeptical about this game when I first heard of it, but now I'm pretty jazzed (pun intended).  I love rhythm games, so getting a chance to try out a new type is always exciting.  Looks like it's time to dust off the old Rock Band skills and give this a try.  Check out the gameplay for yourself after the jump. 




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