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No, it's not a joke, but it totally started out that way.  No kidding, Goat Simulator now has a release date -- of April 1st no less.  Coffee Stain Studios describes their own creation as "the world's dumbest game." Clearly they haven't played Infinite Undiscovery

Goat Simulator (or Teh Goat Sim as they call it, well, nowhere outside my head actually) got it's start as a tech demo that was so beloved by YouTubers that Coffee Stain was forced to turn it into a full fledged game. For the unitiated, I've included the video after the jump to, err, initiate you.  Yes, I'm just clever like that.  

If you want to purchase Goat Simulator early to get into the beta, it's available on Steam for $9.99.  You can also buy it from the GS website, which uses both PayPal and Amazon Pay options, which I find fascinating.  I guess I'm easily distracted by new payment technologies.  Good thing Mt. Gox is no longer around.  Anyway, hit the jump for the Goat Simulator video that spawned it all, as well as a gallery of images of all the bully, bully goatness.  Now if only there were a multiplayer option, where you had to find the other two Billy Goats Gruff, now THAT would be epic.


GoatSimulator3.jpg (1000w x 562h)
GoatSimulator2.jpg (1000w x 562h)
GoatSimulator4.jpg (1000w x 562h)
GoatSimulator5.jpg (1000w x 562h)
GoatSimulator1.jpg (1000w x 562h)

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LOL I was laughing through the whole thing. 11/10 would recommend

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