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The internet is great for keeping up on video game news, but more often we’re reminded of all the community happenings we missed as they formed. Each Sunday, (I'm sorry I"m late!) I’m sharing my favorite stories from the past week with corresponding highlights from Twitter: my conversation whirlwind of choice.

Last week was filled with drama and goats, but I still got the best Valentine's Day present from ZeniMax Online: permission to speak my mind about their game. Check after the jump for a glimpse of the wild ride.


Now with tongue action

I may have been a bit premature last month in declaring Catlateral Damage to be GOTY 2014; new internet favorite Goat Simulator entered the ring this week as a serious contender--or at least an indication of a trend. Early in February, Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios posted a goofy video of an in-house training project which hit over 2.3 million views this week. Coffee Stain wisely decided they had a fanbase and are moving ahead with a full launch on Steam.

Speaking of Steam...


Fez Tags


From their newest Steam feature, Valve may need a few lessons in how large crowds on the internet work. For example, give users an open text field with little moderation and what surfaces is less "honest opinion" and more "airing of grievances."

In a perfect world, the Steam tags are a wonderful way for gamers to share with the gaming community what's important about a game. From the screenshots on their tag FAQ page, the intention is quite noble. In actuality, well...check the tags on the Fez screenshot above.


I feel like maybe this might not be the ideal situation to take the "the customer is always right" stance on. — Dan Teasdale (@deliciousbees) February 13, 2014


Those who do not remember the past

It's been a rough week for John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, The Cynical Brit whose first impression videos are the stuff of legend.  His opinion is held in such high regard that unwise developers who do not hear what they want from him have tried to erase the reviews, but generally learned their lesson. Not so for newcomer FUN Creators whose apparently abysmal game Guise of the Wolf merited a review worthy of taking down through YouTube's automated copyright claim system within 48 hours of posting.

FUN Creators denied having flagged the video for takedown, but Maker Studios (ultimately the parent company for TotalBiscuit's channel) confirmed that the order came from FUN Creators. There's a lot of TotalBiscuit keeping the proverbial stiff upper lip and FUN Creators basically acting like panicky caricatures, all pretty well documented in a reddit thread. Actually, if you want to see the drama FUN Creators are stirring, you'll have to check reddit and other news outlets--FUN Creators continues to erase tweets and photoshop images to "prove points."

Maybe that Steam tag system isn't so broken after all...well, have a look at the current tags for Guise of the Wolf.


The muzzle comes off

Those of us who have been testing The Elder Scrolls Online were elated this week to finally see the NDA lifted from the beta weekends. I'm not sure how game studios still don't understand how the internet works, but I'm glad ZeniMax wised up to the fact that keeping a gag on anyone who had actually played their game would do more harm than good.

For a fantastic overview of the game, check out Tales of the Aggronaut and just pretend I said all those things, too. I've been answering ESO tweets all weekend and welcome any questions (so long as I'm allowed to answer--there are still limits)! The official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account tackled the most frequent query:

@Ardua We plan on having one megaserver located in the US & one in Europe, but you won’t be forced on to either: — Elder Scrolls Online (@TESOnline) February 15, 2014


Bonus link for faithful readers: This is the best RP-related post I've ever seen.

Did Maevrim skip news you think she should have listed? Let her know in the comments or on Twitter.

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Surprised another dev tried the same tactic on TotalBiscuit.



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