Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn really has come a long way having been given Best MMO of 2013 and a whole landslide of awards despite a rocky start. Now, Square Enix is getting ready to launch one of the game's next biggest patches, Through the Maelstrom: Patch 2.2, which has a ton of new content for Eorzians to enjoy. The update is scheduled to go live on March 27th, 2014 and Yoshida just put out a nice preview video for us to splurge over:

[Video via SQUAREENIX]

The patch is looking really strong since it adds a whole slew of features we have all been waiting for like the vanity system, now dubbed Glamour, that allows us to make our gear look like whatever we please. Also, Patch 2.2 has a strong emphasis on continuing the main scenario storyline giving us access to the highly-anticipated Leviathan primal battle and even a glimpse of the Gilgamesh battle. I definitely can't wait to see XIV's version of the 'Clash on the Bridge' BGM!

Players who are looking towards progression won't be dissappointed, as the second set of the endgame raid, Bahamut's Coil, is to be set in motion giving hardcore raiders something to wipe on enjoy. FFXIV regulars know how long it took for a Free Company to down turn 5 and Yoshida is saying no different about Turns 6 through 9. With new raiding content comes a bump to the current iLevel which I predict will be 100 or 105 (up from 90) but there's no clear indiciation on what it will be yet.

Patch 2.2 is looking really strong as Square is starting to wrap up the first phase of the game. With an introduction of an eastern-esque character in Yugiri, whom resembles an FF ninja or perhaps a Blue Mage (?), it looks like it won't be long before we have access to a new continent and maybe some new classes. I for one cannot wait to see where the game goes from here.

If you liked what you saw, comment below on what excites you most! Don't forget, GameGeex covers FFXIV on a patch-by-patch basis so you can look foward to 2.2 updates to our available job guides as well as overviews of all the new content.

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