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Broken and defeated, Eden Industries' Citizens of Earth will rise from the ashes of a failed kickstarter and be picked-up by major gaming publisher, Atlus. Last October, Eden failed to meet their kickstarter goal of $100k for the game but who would have thought everything wouldn't come to an end when the bar was not met? While not all Kickstarter ideas seem great, perhaps Citizens of Earth was just a case of bad/or lack of advertising since the game looks pretty epic.

Citizens of Earth is a comedic turn-based RPG where players will take on the role of Vice President of the World (imagine?) who wakes up to find the world has gone coo-coo. From there, you must recruit 40 people to fend of the evi- ahem, craziness, and presumably, save the world. Good guy Vice President.

Citizens of Earth launches on September 2014. For now, enjoy this teaser trailer.

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I've actually seen a couple failed Kickstarter projects end up purchased by companies in the gaming industry.  Storybricks, one of the shining beacons of innovations that will power EverQuest Next was originally a failed Kickstarter engine.  Crowdfunding today serves multiple purposes:  One, to fund specific aspects of projects, two, to get publicity for a project, three, to build a presale list on a product.  The best projects do all three

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