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High Voltage Software has been teasing a big announcement, and today we got it. The VR game developer announced Dragon Front, a new CCG made exclusively to take advantage of the Occulus Rift.  They are calling it the worlds first VR collectible card game, and it sounds pretty awesome.

Details are slim, since this is a game title announcement, but the game boasts. 280 characters, 80 different encampments, and 100 spells. The game will features live online multiplayer tournament play, and because this is a VR game, you'll be able to virtually sit across the digital table from your opponent and trade smack talk as you play. Or you know, be supportive, if that's your jam.

“We’re all super avid CCG fans so developing the game has been an amazing experience. In fact, we built the game after prototyping a physical game board and cards so we could get it exactly right,” explains Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software. “It’s a true card game come-to-life all around the player, and with features both surprising and familiar, Dragon Front is a highly engaging nail-biter till the end.”

Here's what we know about Dragon Front so far: The game will be exclusive to the Occulus Rift, and will be out sometime this year.  As far as gameplay details, we know the game will feature the following:

In Dragon Front, war has destroyed the world of Terrene Gall. To prevent the world’s destruction and win the war for their faction, players must travel back in time and use all available resources to gather new soldiers, discover powerful spells, construct a mighty fortress, and call in legendary champions. 
Game features include: 
• Unique Factions – Choose from thematically diverse armies with unique powers, traits and creative strategies. 
• Legendary Champions – Every deck holds a legendary champion, whose cost diminishes as his or her side nears defeat, ensuring an epic showdown in the last minutes of every game. 
• Collectible Cards – Construct a 30-card deck from over 260 battle-hardened soldiers, battlefield fortifications, and magic spells. 
• Additional Downloadable Content – The first three add-on packs are in development, each with new factions, champions, and fantastical landscapes. The game launches with two factions with more included in new updates.


I'm definitely intrigued by this. Obviously VR is the next step in the evolution of gaming, but up until recently I hadn't seen many games that spoke to me. I am a huge Hearthstone fan, so being able to play that sort of complex card game in a virtual environment will be right up my alley. Yet another reason I'm going to have to start saving my pennies for a VR headset in the future.

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