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During E3, I was able to get in on a small gaming session with Perfect World, who gave everyone not one, but three titles to try out. All of them are completely different from each other, showcasing the company’s intentions to try and spread their game repertoire across as many genres as they can. Possible world domination plots perhaps?

The first game we were shown was Rusty Hearts, a 3D hack’n slash dungeon crawler that allows players to control a hero of their choice, each with completely different playstyles. The game follows a fairly simple format: attack with various combos to clear a room of enemies in order to progress onward. The 3D environment gives you more room to run around in to avoid the various dangers you’ll be facing, and the anime-inspired cel-shaded graphics add a nice visual flair to the package. The unique boss fights will also require you to practice specific tactics to defeat them without getting wrecked yourself. Dungeons can be tackled solo, or with friends, and each one also has several difficulty levels for extra challenges. The closed beta is currently scheduled for July of this year, which you can register for on the game page, and the title will be F2P at launch.

The next game our group messed with was a FPS title called BlackLight Retribution. This one draws inspiration from various titles like Call of Duty and Half-Life to create an arena-style FPS experience. One of the main draws of this title is the amount of customization options you have available. You can set your own loadout depending on your preferences, as well as customize each of your weapons to your liking. The weapon options themselves are varied, and range from semi-auto machine guns, to flamethrowers, and you can even call for small mechs and air strikes. Another pretty cool feature is the Hyper Reality Visor, which allows you to spot items of importance, including the positions of enemy players, allowing you to get back in the fray faster and plan surprise assaults. And, again, it’s completely F2P.

The last game of the meeting went back to RPG shenanigans, only with a bit more action oriented flair. Raiderz is defined as a monster hunting MMORPG, and those who are familiar with titles like Vindictus may feel right at home. This game allows players to form a party to hunt down some pretty nasty monsters in real-time combat, and in open world environments. One noteworthy aspect is that the game has a total of 350 skills, which allows players to create their own kind of hybrid classes. The other is actually pretty cool in its own right, in that you can use environment objects to attack with, and even parts of the boss monster itself as a weapon against it (you can also use them as crafting materials if you prefer to not skewer the dragon with its own horn). And, like the other titles mentioned before, it’s all F2P.

With a widely varied list of games coming down the pipes, and likely more to come in the future, Perfect World may very well be on their way to becoming a big name in the gaming industry. Let's just hope they don't get too big for their britches.

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