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[Update]  All beta key have been claimed.  Thanks for being part of the Game Geex community!

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It's time once again to offer the Game Geex community a little reward for your loyalty.  This time around we are pleased to offer you Closed Beta Keys for Perfect World's upcoming MMO RaiderZ.  The Closed Beta Test itself begins on August 8th, and if you grab your keys now you'll be entered in a contest Perfect World is holding for a chance to win a trip for two to PAX Prime.  

Hit the jump for details about the CBT giveaway and the game itself.


RaiderZ Closed Beta Key Giveaway – Key Redemption Instructions:

1. Visit the RaiderZ official website at

2. Register for a free account or log in, if you already have a Perfect World account.

3. Enter your Beta Key code and hit submit!

4. You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for downloading the client once Closed Beta testing begins.

5. Visit the official website at for the latest game updates.


Here's an overview of what RaiderZ is all about:

  • INTENSE ENGAGEMENT Fight monsters up close and personal as they grab, smash and try to eat you alive; rip monsters apart and use their weapons or ligaments against them in battle or for crafting
  • REALISTIC REAL-TIME BATTLES Exciting, real-time battle system brings players into the thrill of the hunt; evading and blocking are directly controlled by the player
  • UNIQUE CHARACTER SYSTEM Weapons determine skills in RaiderZ. Choose from over 350 skills combinations to build a custom character
  • EPIC DINNER TIME Epic monster hunting, epic hunger. Gather resources, cook up a meal and feast with fellow hunters in the XP gaining dinner system
  • KNOW YOUR ENEMY Gigantic, intelligent boss monsters keep groups on their toes as they must work together todiscover weaknesses and better
  • OPEN WORLD Track down monsters in an open world with diverse landscapes and an ever-changing weather 
  • JOIN A BAND AND JAM Pick up an instrument and jam with a party or show off your musical chops as a one person guitar wielding solo act

RaiderZ sounds like a blast to play, so I'm excited that we get the chance to share the CBT with you.  We have about a week to prepare ourselves for some epic gameplay.  Which part of this game has you most excited?  Let us know in the comments.

RaiderZ Beta Key Giveaway!
We're giving away Closed Beta Keys for Perfect World's hardcore MMO. The question is: Are you hardcore enough?
You need to be registered and logged in to claim a Beta Key
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I just wanted to throw a quick "Welcome!" out to all the new people who are signing up to claim keys! Welcome to GameGeex, make yourself at home! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to post them here or shoot me an email over at!

[evykee24ikey] @ 12:34:01 AM Aug 10, 2012
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 i love to play this game..

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i like this game  i from brazil pls man give me a keyy ****____****

[DashingDisaster] @ 4:47:49 AM Nov 18, 2012
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Can i have a beta key pls I wanna play this game as soon as i can

[SoulEater150] @ 1:55:00 PM Dec 26, 2012
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can I get in on this action


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The RaiderZ Closed Beta has ended, but the game is now Live and free to play! Just head over to and sign up, no key code needed! 

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