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At the Call of Duty XP event, I was able to get some hands-on time with the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I’m going to say now that the game is the same as it has always been. However, technical changes to certain aspects of the game such as customization, killstreaks, classes, and overall map design have improved on overall user-experience, increasing both the pace and enjoyment of the game.  I spent my time getting wrecked due to lack of map knowledge but I found every moment fun and exciting.

The game has a different “feel” to it. It’s the same old CoD experience you’re going to get, but the game now has an arcade-like play style. Players die very fast and move very fast. It’s just a faster game and it all goes back to the exciting adrenaline-based style of combat. Yes, it’s very much “run and gun” but what’s cool is the way the maps were designed. Within the two maps I was able to demo, there was plenty of visual cover for players to hide and run behind. The combat was way more confined and it brought back the COD4-esque style of CQB (close-quarter battle) and constant gun fighting. This allows weaker players to use the maps to their advantage and more veteran players to use their skills in a heated battle. My complaint with the map design is that it kind of allows for a “camp-friendly” environment but this is evident in almost every fps these days.

Next let’s talk about the killstreaks, which are now called strike packages. Players will be given the choice to choose between one of three classes; the assault, support, and specialist. There are 26 total strike packages divided among the assault and support tier classes ranging from attack choppers to the AC-130 on assault and UAV to escort airdrop on support. Well that leaves one other class doesn’t it? The specialist is given the ultimate task of building up to become a one-man army. As he gets kills, he earns more and more perks aside from the original three you were able to choose. That gives players the opportunity to really test themselves in combat should they not choose to use any strike packages. What’s neat about the new system is players may earn their packages doing whatever they please; traditionally getting kills or scoring objective points for their team. This bridges the gap between both new and older players and objective-based and slayer-based play-styles which makes these killstreaks a lot more accessible outside the care package.

Another neat thing is customization of the guns. As you use the gun, they become more powerful, allowing you to add “proficiencies” such as ones that reduce recoil or gives you the ability to add additional attachments. You can do this with all 49 guns available in the game.

With all the general info all said and done let’s talk about the new game mode I was able to demo called “Kill Confirmed”. Should you kill someone in the game, he/she drops dog tags that you or your team must grab to score the points towards your team. Should the enemy grab them, the kill is denied and doesn’t count towards the win. It’s neat because it requires more teamwork than one might think. I was able to score several amounts of kills but only 2 of them counted because me nor my team could collect those dog tags before they were denied.

The game itself is pretty intense. It’s incredibly quick and brings back the arcade shooter to the world of Call of Duty. More bullet to bullet confrontation and just a tad-bit more teamwork is required to be successful. Of course, that won’t stop the lone wolves from doing what they will, as that was what call of duty was made for.

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[Fragnotmyass] @ 12:44:12 AM Sep 7, 2011
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:O  looks like its going to be a blast

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I hope this won't interfere with your LoL training, Frag.

You too, Ken.

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