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Still anxious for the upcoming console release of King of Fighters XIII? Well, too bad. You still have another month. In the meantime, though, SNK released a free update to the iPhone version, so, you can use that to wet your appetite for the time being.

The update adds six characters to the roster. Iori, Mature, Vice, Elisabeth, Shen Woo, and Duo Lon are all available in handheld format, bringing the total count to 20. The update also added a new Challenge Mode to help keep you occupied, and there are new items to collect for the Gallery. And for all the penny pinchers out there, SNK Playmore will be selling the game itself at the reduced price of $4.99 until September 16.

While obviously this is no substitute for the real thing, it should at least help keep all you fans from rioting in the streets for the console version in October.

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