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Just a short note for you Minecraft lovers that Patch 1.9 Prerelease 2 is out.  You can get your copy of the JAR file here.  Jeb posted the JAR on his twitter feed this morning.  I haven't gotten a chance to test it out myself yet, but I am hoping it helps the Mushroom Biomes to spawn more. I spent a couple hours flying over the ocean the other day, and only managed to find one underwater mineshaft and a LOT of water.

It's a bad habit, this new tack Mojang is taking with their patches.  Instead of just releasing them more often, or releasing iterations between patches, they are "leaking" their own work to the public so that they can get things tested.  I realize they have a tight deadline with MineCon coming in November, and that they will be stopping new code on the 18th of October (so says Notch), but it seems so shady to leak your own games.  It's as if I put up a post half finished and asked the readers to edit it for me.  As a player I would much rather they just release a 1.9.2 formally and let that stand on its own two feet.  

Slightly off topic, check out the slick castle Arturis built on our server.  The man sure can stack bricks!


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What can I say? I like castles. ^_^

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