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Yesterday Mojang released their latest installment of what I am now calling the "Prerelease Saga of 1.9."  Knowing how difficult it is to get these files, I wanted to post it here for all the Minecrafters (Minecraftians?) among the Game Geex.  

What is interesting about Pre4 is that not only does it tweak a lot of the experience elements added to the game, it adds a new game area called the End Dimension.  Previously termed the Sky Dimension, this area is a series of floating islands in the sky.  In order to reach the End Dimension you will need to use an Ender Pearl on one of the randomly generated ground portals added in this version of the game.  I haven't yet found one myself, but once I do, I will spend some time navigating the clouds and report back my findings.

Or I'll get flung into the sky never to return.  Either way it should be a good time.

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I also like the fact when I destroy a bookshelf now I atleast get my books back.


Oh and THAT'S MY WIZARD TOWER!!! (In progressTM)



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You know you cant build higher than Y:128, right? :P

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