Last year, Tripwire Interactive brought everyone in Killing Floor some holiday cheer with a demonic Santa, holiday themed baddies, and a new area to play in, Santa’s Lair. This year, they’re bringing it all back, and with some new toys to play with as well.

Not only are they bringing the whole event back, they’ll be introducing a brand new stage for players to hunt in, the Ice Cave, which is located deep beneath the Arctic ice. They’ll also be bringing back the old achievements, and the Bad Santa will be making a return for the holidays. So if you missed your chance to blow his head off last year, don’t fret, as you’ll have a chance to take another whack at it.

All of the perks will also be getting a new weapon to help them hunt down the holiday freaks. Sharpshooter gets a vintage revolver that can dual wielded for maximum firepower. Berserker gets a sweet looking two-handed claymore that you can do your best Highlander impression with. Commando gets the standard M-4 Carbine rifle, while Demolitions get a version with a M-203 grenade launcher attached as well. Support gets a semi-automatic shotgun for blowing faces off. Medic gets the MP5 machine pistol equipped with healing darts. And finally, the Firebug gets an awesome Husk Gun to burn things with.

Also making a return are the steampunk themed characters that were introduced over the summer, with the remaining perks getting their versions in. DJ Scully will also be making a return visit to the battlefield, also decked out in full steampunk garb, and ready to blast some mutant freaks to oblivion.

The event is set to start up tomorrow, and runs all month, ending on January 4. Happy hunting.

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