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The regular Humble Indie Bundles have grown to be a successful marketing plan for indie gamers. Not only do they get their titles out to the public, but part of the money spent also goes towards several charities of choice.

With the fourth edition of these auspicious deals, they are pulling out all the stops just in time for the holiday season. This time, they’re adding some of the most popular and successful titles onto the platter. Of course, the “pay whatever you want” mantra is still intact, so even if you’re a poor sod like the GameGeex crew, you can still get these games for a manageable price.

This deal adds in well received titles such as the incredibly challenging Super Meat Boy, and the high-octane action oriented Shank to the mix. Also part of the deal is the bullet hell shooter Jamestown, 8-bit style platformer Bit.Trip Runner, and physics puzzle title Nightsky HD. If you are feeling especially generous and spend more than the current average, then you also get the popular Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles.

Of course, the money you spend can still be split however you please, and you can even choose to put it towards two charities, Child’s Play, and the American Red Cross. All of the titles are DRM free, and are also cross platform, playable on PC, Mac, and Linux. They also make good gifts for that one gamer you still haven’t gone Christmas shopping for.

With the holidays closing in, now is a good time to help spread some extra holiday cheer. And you even get some good gaming out of it as well. Past Humble Bundle deals have exceeded purchases in the millions of dollars, so go ahead and do your part to give these games a proper home.

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These bundles keep getting better and better. I've been supporting these where possible and I am glad to see they can keep it up. I for one will be spreading some holiday cheer with this bundle.

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