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It's been a while since I played RIFT, so imagine my surprise when I received an email from them yesterday.  What I thought was a routine "please return to Telara, we promise the game is less boring now" message instead contained an alert about a security breach in the Trion Worlds account system.  

The hacking of game companies has become so commonplace that we're no longer surprised by them, and in a way that means that the hacking is really missing its mark in regards to its purpose.  Isn't the point of hacking to destabilize the regime and spread panic so that you can effect change?  My guess is that most hackers are also gamers, so destabilizing their own regime seems a bit silly.  And its definitely been done.  A LOT.   

Like with almost every hacking episode this year (2011 - A Hacking Odyessy) no credit cards were compromised and service is not interrupted, so the effectiveness of said hack is also called into question.  What exactly is the point of hacking just to prove you can?  Maybe Anonymous can shed a light on this, you know, when they aren't calling for an entire overthrow of our government.

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