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After six months of being live and with over a million users playing the popular MMORPG, Rift, Trion has decided to throw the game an in-game half-birthday party! And everyone is invited!

The party will run from August 25th to September 1st where subscribers will get to enjoy quite a few worthwhile in-game bonuses. On top of that, new and returning players can play the whole game at no cost… for free… zero dollars! That’s pretty cool for those who want to test before they buy. But what’s really neat, especially for those who are returning, is the increased EXP from PvE and PvP, which should really help out a lot of the low-level players make it through the early “grinding” stages. For those who have been loyal from the start may benefit from bigger payouts and prestige in PvP and of course the free gifts to commemorate the occasion.

Even after the party ends on September 1st, new players can continue their adventures by purchasing the game for only $4.99.

For further details on the Rift bash, visit their official website.

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