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Yesterday, while most of us sat around in post-holiday comas -- or in my case I spent yet another day moving apartments -- Notch was stirring up trouble amongst the Minecraft fans.  It seems he tweeted that "Minicraft 2 is being worked on, for no good reason."  I can think of many good reasons, actually, not the least of which is exactly how much fun the original Minecraft is.  Granted, working on adding features to the first game should take priority, but I'll accept tiny RPG versions of the game in the meantime.

Now, Notch did mention the fact that the game needs a better name, so here are some suggestions.  Feel free to add your own.  I'm sure he'll appreciate all our help in naming his quasi nonexistent game:

  • Chibicraft
  • Minicraftier
  • SSssss....Boomed
  • Eldercraft (Heck if Bethesda has trouble with Scrolls, imagine the fit they would pitch with this one!)
  • More things to do with sticks and stones
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Notch is such a troll. :)

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