Valve is all set to move forward with their plans for world domination. Step one, as everyone knows, is to establish a following of minions willing to serve you. Easily accomplished, as their latest polling numbers reveal that they've surpassed an astounding 5 million concurrent users.

The release of Skyrim is likely one key contributor to the numbers, currently being recorded as the most played game in Steam's library. Titles such as Counter Strike, Modern Warfare 3, and Team Fortress 2 sit comfortably behind it. Of course, the recent Xmas sales probably aided a lot in that front as well. Not many people can resist those kinds of deals.

With Electronic Arts still handling all the controversies involving their own digital distribution system, Origin, it's hard to make a comparison at this point between the two services. Either way, it seems apparent that the digital distribution platform itself has proven to be a successful venture. Here's to another year of gaming goodness.

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